*The Self Employed Income Support scheme is to be extended, you can apply in August and it will be the final scheme, however it drops to 70% as an average.

*The Employee Furlough scheme to be open until October with employer contributions to be phased in from August (as below).

August – the government will pay 80% of gross pay but the employer will be expected to pay National Insurance.

September – the government will pay 70% and the employer will pay 10%.

October – the government will pay 60% and the employer will pay 20%.

There will be no more support after this.

The government has also announced a NEW FLEXIBLE FURLOUGH scheme from July which means that employers can pay their employees on a part time basis e.g. pay for 2 days and furlough for 3 days.

Important: from 30th June the old furlough scheme will close to any new claims!

Also please note that if employers wish to use the new flexible furlough scheme they must register by June 10th!